I am Paolo.
Born in Rome, Italy
in the glorious year 1966.
At first, in the 80s,
I worked as a Model in the Fashion World,
in Rome, Florence, Milan, Paris, and New York.
Then, in the 90s,
I had the opportunity
to express myself in the Star Business,
  as an Agent and as an  Actor,
on Set and on Stage,
in Italy, Europe and South America.
Later on,
I joined the Hospitality Industry,
wandering around the Planet,
for 10 years.
During one of my Travel,
I discovered the beautiful Island of St. Martin,
in the Caribbean,
and I made it my home for 17 years,
as a Jewelry Designer.
All these
fantastic experiences
gave me the Honor to meet
Extraordinary People,
and the Privilege to be exposed
to all Cultures, Languages, Music, and Arts.

  Now living in Los Angeles, California,

creating as a Photographer and Film Maker.

It's through the Eyes of this

enriched background of Variety that

I put Myself behind the Camera,

and I see the World.

That's how

I Shoot and Produce your Event.

With Passion.

I catch the Feeling and the Mood of

your Special Day,

through Images

that tell the Story of your Celebration.

I deliver to you Memories

that will be Treasured, Cherished and

Shared with your Loved ones

for your Lifetime.

Call me or e-mail me to make your wish come true.